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Date: Sep 13, 2017
“I called Paula to see about getting my 18 year old Maytag diagnosed as it was running properly with the exception of the spin cycle. It agitated, pumped, drained, etc. Just when it came time to spin, it didn't. I replaced the belts before I made the call thinking that might fix it but it didn't. Anyway...talking to Paula was an absolute pleasure and she shared some very valuable information with me about the older Maytags regarding the desire to repair them rather than replace them because they are still some of the best machines out there running today. We got the appointment scheduled and it turns out that her husband was my guy. Got there right on time too. The conversation progressed from there and he shared information with me very much along the same lines that Paula did. It turns out that he was able to get the washer to spin again, but he did tell me what needed to happen and he quoted me a price. After I did some research, I found the price for just the parts to be very reasonable and the rest of course was labor. Her husband told me that I would need a special tool to do it myself if I decided to go that route and explained in detail how to get it locally. After more research, I decided to do the repair myself because I am very mechanically inclined and can fix most things with the proper tools, and parts and the help of the good old internet because let's face it, we all know that someone else had this same problem and made a video. I told you all of this only to say that if I EVER have a problem that I don't feel comfortable trying to solve, I will go into my contacts on my phone (yes, I added them because they are THAT GOOD) and give Paula a call. They know how to treat people and to me that is more valuable than anything!!! Thank you Paula for the amazing customer service and knowledge sharing!!! If you live in San Antonio or the surrounding area and you have an appliance problem, do not look any further than Paula's AAA Appliance Repair San Antonio! They pay attention to the little things and treat you with the utmost amount of respect from start to finish! WELL DONE!!!” ~ Mike Spurlock - San Antonio TX